Wednesday 3 February 2016

LISTEN: Homeplanetearth - 'Phat Phil'

I've just started a placement with Tigmus as a module for my course at uni (very cool!) and one of the first things I did was set up an event page for an upcoming show that Homeplanetearth are playing. On the coach to London a couple of days ago I took a listen to their debut single 'Phat Phil' out of interest, and I've been struggling to get it out of my head since! 

A fairly local band (to me), hailing from rural Oxfordshire, its made up of a brother and sister lead vocals combo who create some lovely harmonies, and three other guys, who all bring varying influences to the band. With some pretty nice guitar riffs layered on top of synth sounds, the track "discusses the struggle to find the things about yourself that you like and to hold on to them, whilst discarding the things that hinder your journey through life." It was released last month and Robin of Balloon Ascents (who I saw on Saturday for Independent Venue Week - they get better every time!) produced and played bass on the track. 

The show I mentioned above is at The Birdcage in Norwich on 11th March, and tickets are on sale here - £3 for 3 bands, absolute bargain! 

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