Thursday 18 February 2016

WATCH: Baio - 'The Names'

I'd been meaning to post this new video for the title track of Baio's LP The Names but I think I was at a gig when I first saw it, and only just remembered when I was taking a listen to his album - having a fun look back at some of my favourite records from last year that I haven't listened to for a little while. The video sees him walk around areas of London dressed fairly dapper and carrying a skull - what more incentive could you need to take a watch? The tracks pretty good too. 

It's quite different to most of the other music I'm listening to at the moment, but I love the album and would definitely recommend giving it a try. I'm listening to try to persuade myself that I should go to his show in London a week today (25th) - it's working at the moment but I've got a gig the night before and lectures all day on Thurs, making getting to London on time difficult!

Dates and tickets for Baio's upcoming European shows are on his site here.

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