Saturday 18 July 2015

ALBUM NEWS: The Hoosiers - 'The Secret Service'

The exciting news of the day is that (my favourites) The Hoosiers yesterday announced details of their fourth studio album, The Secret Service, which is to be released on 9th October. After asking fans whether they wanted to wait for a full album or for multiple EPs, the band compromised and are releasing two EPs prior to the album release, the first of which was released yesterday. Both EPs feature two new tracks from the album, two live recordings from the last tour and an acoustic version of an unreleased track. 

The first EP, The Wheels Fell Off, features two new tracks - The Wheels Fell Off and Pristine, as well as live recordings of Fidget Brain and Worried About Ray, and this beautiful acoustic session. 

You can find out more info and pre-order the album in several formats (download, CD or vinyl) and with various bundles, on the band's website here, and with any of the pre-orders you'll receive the first EP immediately and the second EP, Up To No Good when it is released on 28th August. 

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