Friday 24 July 2015

WATCH: Dizraeli 'It Won't Be Long' for Sofar Sounds

Love this video just published of Dizraeli (of Dizraeli and the Small Gods - who have an upcoming farewell tour) performing at the last Sofar Sounds Oxford show I attended back in April. I can't wait to get back to attending the shows when I'm back at university in September, if you haven't heard of Sofar then you can find out about it on the site here

With hints of an artist such as Nick Mulvey, Dizraeli played a great acoustic set, a highlight of which was a comical improvisation (alongside Bellatrix's beatboxing and double bass) made up from a combination of random shouted out words (old people, clouds, sex and ping-pong to name a few...) The lyrics and style of his performance conveyed a passion that, joint with the unique, quiet and intimate setting of the gig created a really enjoyable set! 

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