Friday 10 July 2015

LISTEN: Everything Everything - 'Get To Heaven'
A couple of weeks since its release, I'd hope that anyone and everyone would have bought and listened to the latest offering from Everything Everything already. In case you haven't I thought I'd write a little post encouraging you to. This year's Glastonbury coverage reminded me of where I first listened to the band, trawling the online streams of the festival in 2013, where I was impressed by the band's set. I shortly bought their second record Arc which became one of my favourite albums for a while, followed by their debut Man Alive

The latest record, Get To Heaven, features the singles Distant Past and Regret, and is an absolute triumph. Barely off of my turntable for the week following its release, the record was worth the wait, and captured the energy and talent of the band, held together by the unique lyrics of the band's main songwriter and frontman, Jonathan. Back in April I saw the band play a relatively small comeback London show at Oval Space, where they premiered many of the new tracks (as well as playing the hits such as My Kz Ur Bf, Photoshop Handsome and Kemosabe.) Live, the tracks sounded fresh and exciting and gave me really high hopes for the record, which have most certainly been realised. Highlights of the record for me include the title track, and the almost chant-like Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread, as well as No Reptiles for its quirky lyrics, but there isn't a single track on the record that I'm not enjoying. 

To summarise the record is definitely, in my eyes (and from what I saw of its reception on Twitter, those of many others) worthy of a nomination for the Mercury Prize, and one of my favourite's of the year.

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