Tuesday 7 March 2023

LISTEN: Christof van der Ven - 'I Can Only Get So Close'

Just when I needed a little bit of inspiration for some writing... the year continues to deliver the dreamiest of returns. This week, I'll mostly be listening to the new Half Moon Run and Christof van der Ven tracks back to back. Toooooooo good. 

Christof is back with his first original music since his 2019 record You Were The Place - new track I Can Only Get So Close is taken from the Haul EP, due 21st April. If you're unfamiliar with his solo music, you might know Christof as a member of the Bear's Den touring band, and this one is very much a BD fan's dream. With Ian Grimble on producing duties, and contributions from Kev Jones, Jools Owen and Tommy Heap, the track is a long-time-coming collaboration between Christof and BD frontman Andrew Davie.

The track's origins go back years, when the pair were living together in North London - Christof shares "one night, listening to music, I played the banjo part for Davie, which later became the song's intro. Soon he created an acoustic guitar part, but the song took time to fully form." Coming together during the pandemic, it's been a long process, but I'd say this one is definitely worth the wait!

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