Wednesday 15 March 2023

LISTEN: ARXX - 'God Knows'

Taking a quick detour away from the sad folk and into some queer pop goodness today. A little bit in love with God Knows from Brighton's alt-rockers ARXX. The track is taken from their debut album Ride or Die, which is coming out at the end of this month (31st). The track was produced by Steve Ansell and mastered by Katie Tavini and is described by the pair as "one of the most adventurous tracks on our record".  It's a bit of a departure for the duo, building on inspiration from some of their favourite pop artists - "we really pushed ourselves to step into Dua Lipa's shoes. We were able to live our Cher dreams and dive into the world of auto tune and swoopy synths."

I for one am really digging this one! Wrap your ears around it, won't you? 

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