Tuesday 28 February 2023

LISTEN: Low Island - 'It Holds And It Holds'

Entirely predictably, I'm here to ramble about how brilliant Low Island are. Obvs. They're announcing an extended edition of their second album Life In Miniature, arriving via their label Emotional Interference on March 10th. Best news. From the new version, they've shared It Holds And It Holds, a track which dates back a year and a half or so from the early sessions for the record. 

Writing about the track, Carlos shares: "it's a song about the affirmational power of love amongst friends and family - during the pandemic we were separated from friends and family, sometimes within a single city, but often that separation was across countries and continents. The idea that love could be felt so strongly at such a distance, that it could traverse oceans, that you could be 'there' for someone without being physically present, was something that felt very powerful to me at the time and inspired this song [...] 'my love covers oceans and rides across the waves' was one of the lines that I was especially proud of from my notebooks but couldn't find a home for on other songs that made it onto the album. Happy that this one is now out in the world." 

If you fancy a Low Island show (I mean - of course you do) you're in luck as they're currently touring the UK, sneaking in a few shows over at SXSW in the middle of it in March. They're playing Lafayette on 8th March. Dates and tickets here

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