Monday 13 February 2023

WATCH: Gengahr - 'A Ladder'

The returns keep coming. Indie heartthrobs Gengahr are back, and I'm more than a little excited about this news!! I've a huge soft spot for these guys - so much so that I caught them playing a 1am slot at The Great Escape a few years ago. I wouldn't do that for many bands...

They're three (brilliant) albums deep, and it looks as if we might be getting the follow-up to Sanctuary (2020) soon. For now, they've just released new single A Ladder which is quickly becoming one of my favourite tracks of theirs, and is opening up new depths in my love for the band. Check out the (equally brilliant) video directed by Billy Howard Price below.

On the track, frontman Felix Bushe shares: "'A Ladder' is a fun, trippy little song soaked in cartoon-like imagery. Essentially it's about the power of true love and its ability to not only change the way we feel but also the way we see and interact with the whole world around us." 

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