Thursday 16 June 2022


Following on from yesterday's Siv Jakobsen post, how about we stick with some more brilliant Nordic music? Though they currently live in Wales, I SEE RIVERS (AKA Eline, Gøril and Lill) are all originally from Norway. Having impressed fans (like me) with their beautiful harmonies and fun performances (I saw them supporting Cosmo Sheldrake in 2018 and loved their set - especially the fact they were knitting merch along the way, if I remember correctly...) the trio released their debut album Deep & Rolling Green in 2020. 

The timing of the release meant that they weren't able to perform shows to promote it, instead sticking to online events. Finally, however, they're heading out on the belated D&RG tour this month! To celebrate, and to mark the start of another chapter (I hope!) they've shared their first single since the album, Your Love

Talking about the track, they explain: "the song itself portrays a relationship that is coming to an end from the perspective of someone who is obsessively trying to find rhyme or reason in the words and actions of the other part. The almost anthemic chorus contrasts the painful acknowledgment that the relationship is not working out anymore and is now only ground for pain and difficulties."

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