Thursday 30 June 2022

LISTEN: Cj Pandit - 'I Wonder What You're Up To Now'

Happy Thursday! Shuffling back towards the keyboard after a few days of work and watching the emails in my inbox pile up. It can be a little overwhelming, but also provides so much joy when I find releases from favourite artists in there - like this from Cj Pandit!!! Just a few weeks after releasing his +44 EP, he's just shared I Wonder What You're Up To Now. What did we do to deserve this?! A dreamy slice of bedroom-pop-folk to escape into and hide from the world for three minutes. He never misses. 

On the track, he shares: "I Wonder is a song about getting lost in the daydream of the melancholy of something that's out of reach or doesn't exist anymore." 

Cj Pandit tours in October, taking in London (12th), Leicester (13th), Bristol (14th) and Manchester (15th.) Details and tickets here

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