Monday 24 January 2022

WATCH: Sunflower Thieves - 'I Don't Know Why'

Anyone else in the need of some musical therapy after the weekend? A couple of walks in two of my favourite nature reserves definitely went a long way in alleviating some stress this weekend, but if I was going to prescribe myself a song to help then I couldn't do much better than this gorgeous new one from Sunflower Thieves. It's no secret that I love their beautiful ethereal harmonies, and this new track, taken from an upcoming EP and complete with a brass section (cry) is aaaaall kinds of lovely. Let them soothe your soul....

On the release, Amy & Lily share: "The track is about how complicated close relationships can be. How the differences in the way we live our lives and follow what we think can affect our understanding of each other, and equally of ourselves." 

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