Tuesday 18 January 2022

LISTEN: Tara Nome Doyle - 'Caterpillar'

Anybody else already a little (or a lot) overwhelmed by just how much brilliant new music has already been released this year? It often feels like a scramble to keep up with everything while trying to remember to take time to enjoy it, let alone finding time to discover new artists. A track I am very much enjoying at the moment is Caterpillar from Tara Nome Doyle. This one, I feel, almost demands that you stop and listen - building suspense with its pulsating rhythm. Hypnotic. It is as brilliant as previous two offerings Snail I and Crow - I can't wait for her record Værmin which is releasing on the 28th. 

On the track, Tara shares: "Sometimes it seems to me as if my depression is actively trying to lull me into a false sense of comfort in times of perceived hopelessness. I wanted to explore my relationship with this state that is at once harrowing and oddly tempting, so I wrote Caterpillar from the perspective of personified depression."

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