Tuesday 11 January 2022

LISTEN: Elanor Moss - 'Soundings'

Psssst, it's brand new music time - sharing a debut single today which might just stop you in your tracks. Soundings is the first offering from Elanor Moss's Citrus EP, just announced. Originally from Lincolnshire, Elanor lived between York & Leeds while studying her undergraduate degree in Medieval Literature. It was in these four years that this body of work came to be, written through her late teens and early twenties and taking on influences from Elanor's life and studies. 

The first track sits around the concept of 'taking soundings' to measure the depth of a body of water. On the track, she shares: "Soundings is essentially about relying on substance abuse to drown out depression and trauma. How easy it is to slip into that. Contrary to the dark narrative, I wanted there to be a catharsis and playfulness to the melodies and delivery, and a melodrama too. I wanted to capture that feeling of total self-indulgence that can come with wanting to escape in your low moments. There's a self-awareness in the narrator's need to disappear into a haze; you know it's unhealthy but you do it anyway."  

The Citrus EP is set for release via Blue Raincoat Music (Laura MarlingPhoebe Bridgers) and was co-produced with Brooklyn producer Oli Deakin (CMATEd NashBenjamin Francis Leftwich). Keep an eye out for more info...

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