Monday 10 January 2022

WATCH: Kid Kapichi ft. Bob Vylan - 'New England'

"Is it you can't change, or that you won't change?"

First blog post of 2022... hello! Setting the tone for the year with New England from Hastings four-piece Kid Kapichi (featuring Bob Vylan). Raucous, brutally honest and a pure anti-fascist anthem, this one really struck a chord when I was working through submissions emails last week. It's their first track to follow last year's debut album This Time Next Year and it's reaaally good. (Dare you to play it at a party with your xenophobic relatives...) 

On the track, vocalist and guitarist Jack Wilson explains "New England is a song that targets the blindly patriotic, grabs them by the shoulders, shakes them and shouts 'wake up'. We're living in scary times where the top of society have found a way to turn the working class against themselves. We become more confident in our xenophobia as it's only reinforced by our government on a daily basis." 

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