Tuesday 22 June 2021

WATCH: Tom Rosenthal - 'I Went To Bed And I Loved You'

Happy Tuesday, pals... I'm on a week off from work and taking a few days to not do much on the blog (I'd say so that I can have a break - but I spent yesterday demolishing a shed...) so if you're waiting on an email or anything, I'll get back soon - going to dedicate some time later in the week to sort through my inbox. For now, a quick post to share a song I've become a little obsessed with of late. Seriously brilliant. 

Whether you already loved his music or discovered it under the name Edith Whiskers via viral tracks on TikTok, the likelihood is that you've listened to Tom Rosenthal a lot over the past year. He has announced his sixth studio album Denis Was A Bird, a record dedicated to his father, who recently passed away, due on his own Tinpot Records and Universal Music on August 20th. New single I Went To Bed And I Loved You is a shimmery and joyful ukulele folk-pop banger (sorry) celebrating unconditional love and lost loved ones. 

As if the track alone wasn't brilliant enough, the video wins the award for the most wholesome thing you'll see this week (month/year) with fans from around the world dancing around with photos of lost loved ones. Try not to feel a little warm and fuzzy in response to it, I dare you. 

On the track, Tom shares: "When I started writing an album about my Dad's death my primary objective was to not make it a doom fest! So I got out my ukulele, probably the least melancholy instrument available, and wrote this uplifting banger. It's a song of defiance, of facing the hardest moments in life head on, and trying to take them with a pinch of salt. It's also about the enduring nature of love and how that doesn't disappear when someone dies." 

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