Thursday 17 June 2021

WATCH: Mumble Tide - 'Breakfast'

I'm increasingly of the opinion that there is simply not enough time in the day. That, or I am particularly bad at managing my time at the moment... by the time I get home from work, tend to the plants in my greenhouse (hey, I'm a gardener now and growing more in love with it by the day) and had some food it's 10pm and almost time to sleep and repeat the whole process. Currently finding quick snatches of time to catch up on new releases, glance at my rapidly growing inbox and to scrawl (type) a post for the following day. 

Today, that post is here, courtesy of late last night and featuring one of my favourites of a collection of wonderful new singles all released on Wednesday (Evergreen, Liz Lawrence, Anna Leone - I'm looking at you...!) Here, Mumble Tide with Breakfast. Yum. An instant favourite for the opening sound of swans squabbling and the line "everyone's an arsehole." I'm saying nothing...

On the track, Gina shares: "we've experienced a lot of disharmony in the past few years and at times, I've been pretty upset by how people have treated each other. I don't deal well with conflict and this song is about accepting that you aren't always going to see eye to eye with people and that it's ok to be on different pages sometimes, like it doesn't make you a bad person." 

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