Monday 21 October 2019

LISTEN: White Tail Falls - 'Give It Up, Son'

Kicking off the week with something freshly squeezed... Give It Up, Son, the debut track from London artist White Tail Falls. Earning instant bonus points from me the track has some gorgeous strings throughout, with beats from drum and synth machines creating a sound that seems to be almost pulsing. It is constant and repetitive, whilst also being added to when you least expect it. All this while Irwin's ever impressive vocals sit atop the music, making for a really intriguing debut.

He explains that the track is a "wake-up call from someone who loves you; imploring you to be honest with yourself. It's set in the context of addiction, where family and friends know what's going on but the addicted individual is still labouring under the misapprehension that they've got everything under control. The voice is that of a parent watching their child unravel. Addiction doesn't just affect the person with the disease." 

If you like what you're hearing and happen to be in London this evening, then get yourself to Servant Jazz Quarters for the single launch this evening. Tickets here.

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