Wednesday 30 October 2019

LISTEN: VC Pines - 'Bones'

Loving this - VC Pines (aka Jack Mercer, ex Carnabys frontman) has shared his latest solo track, Bones, via Fierce Panda Records. His first new music since his successful EP Indigo, it is a really soulful tune, carrying the energy and sound of his live shows, where he is often backed with an eight-piece band and a whole lot of brass. He explains that Bones was "inspired by the film 'Onibaba', a vintage Japanese film with themes of war, romance, famine and death. The protagonist of the film becomes a stalker in the name of love due to such desperate times as a way of survival and this is something that I wanted to explore: to get in the mind-set of someone with such infatuation that they become obsessive. 'Bones' is written from within the mind-set of a teenage stalker in present day." 

Bones is the first track from his upcoming second EP, which is set for release in early 2020. The EP has a colour-coded theme, with Jack exploring his synaesthesia through the tracks. He explains (and this is genuinely fascinating) that "I found out what synaesthesia was during a lecture at music college, when the lecturer seemed to be describing how my brain worked. I always thought that that's how everyone saw the world and that various senses were triggered by certain things and that's just how we lived. Then when I realised that wasn't the case, and that I had something different, I started to use it as a tool." 

"Since then I've always used my synaesthesia, particularly chromosthesia to write songs. 'Bones' as a whole song for example is orange in colour in my head, with shades of violet/purple to add darker elements in certain areas [...] it all helps me visualise the song whilst writing to create something that I really feel when playing live on stage. I can see and feel the song as it moves throughout." 

VC Pines heads on a string of UK shows in April, taking in Brighton's Prince Albert (1st), London's Omeara (2nd), Leeds' Oporto (16th) and Bristol's Crofters Rights (24th.)

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