Tuesday 13 August 2019

WATCH: Half Moon Run - 'Then Again'

I am absolutely delighted to share the news of a new track and music video from Montreal indie-rockers Half Moon Run. Then Again is the band's first piece of new music to be released since sophomore album Sun Leads Me On in late 2015. I love the band and first discovered them almost by accident several years ago - in one of my favourite HMV memories (before working at the store) I recall stumbling across a 4 for £10 offer in which I picked up their debut album Dark Eyes. Partly to make up the numbers, partly because I was intrigued and quite liked the artwork. Sure enough I quickly fell in love with the album and after a couple of near misses, getting to see the band play live a couple of times around the release of the last album was a joy. It's been a while holding out for new music but this first single from the third album is certainly worth the wait and I can't wait for more.

Following shows in Canada and the US, Half Moon Run are touring in Europe this November with shows in Bristol, London, Glasgow and Manchester - London is sold out so don't delay grabbing tickets for the other shows! Full dates and tickets here.

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