Wednesday 21 August 2019

WATCH: Friendly Fires - 'Offline' and 'Heaven Let Me In' (VEVO)

If you follow me or the blog on any of my various social media accounts you'll have very likely seen my constant stream of Friendly Fires appreciation at the moment. It seems to have been effected because a couple of days ago, I got an email from the band's press with an early preview of two gorgeous new live videos that the band have filmed with VEVO.

The videos see the band performing Offline (above) and Heaven Let Me In, tracks which are both taken from their new record Inflorescent, which was released on Friday. Having already heard half of the record through a very tasty run of single releases, I had fairly high hopes for this record. The band (who I love dearly) have surpassed expectations. Inflorescent is everything I wanted it to be, but somehow so much more. Once I've listened some (lots) more and wrapped my head around each of the tracks individually I will try my best to get a write-up shared because I'm genuinely adoring the album and want to talk about it to anybody who will listen. For now - here are two gorgeous live videos, which showcase the talent and infectious energy that the band bring to each performance.

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