Saturday 9 September 2017

LISTEN: Noah Gundersen - 'The Sound'

Noah Gundersen has shared the first single from his upcoming record White Noise, released through Cooking Vinyl on 22nd September. Heavier than his previous tunes, the track is a bold move for the Seattle-based musician and quite the earworm! Writing about the record on Facebook, Noah wrote that "work began last spring. I called my then manager and told him I didn’t want to go on tour in the fall. I told him I wanted to make a record. Something different. Something that was going to take some time. I started writing songs. Lots of songs. Every day. The songs were like buildings, with scaffolding and framing. Things added, things taken away. Like oil paintings, waiting for colors to dry so that the next layer could be applied."

Keep an eye out for Noah's third studio album on 22nd September - he's popping over to the UK for a couple of shows next week with London's Borderline on 11th and Manchester's Night & Day Café on the 12th! Tickets here!

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