Wednesday 13 September 2017

LISTEN: David Ramirez - 'Stone Age'

Taken from We're Not Going Anywhere, which was released on Friday, here is David Ramirez's tune Stone Age. To record the album, Ramirez, who has always co-produced or self-produced his records, hired Sam Kassirer to produce and help evolve the recording process, decamping his band to the Greath North Sound Society, an eighteenth-century farmhouse in rural Maine that serves as Kassirer's studio. As an American of Mexican descent, Ramirez wrote the album as a response to the current American political landscape. About the track, he writes that "I was visiting my girlfriend in London during July 4th week last year, and waking up every morning there was a lot of stuff going on here in the States. I was reading the news as far as police vs. Black Lives, violence and things like that, marches and rallies and the gay club in Orlando getting shot up. It was just strange. I found myself in a state of mourning for the country, so I started writing that song over there, thinking, 'Maybe I should stay here.’”

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