Tuesday 26 September 2017

LISTEN: Carroll - 'Velvet'

I've been listening to Too Many Zooz a bit lately and reckon you honestly can't get much better than this performance on the subway in New York a couple of months ago - who doesn't want a loud awakening at 3am from those chaps?! Perhaps for this reason the email I received from US four-piece Carroll a while back stood out as they mentioned their track having some saxophone in it courtesy of Gabriel Garcia. Always a good thing! Describing Velvet as a bridge between the "cosmic psychedelia" of their 2016 record As Far As Gardens Go and a newer sound, it does exactly what it says on the tin, a pure piece of musical velvet. As the band write, "If As Far As Gardens Go found us hurtling through wormholes and electrical storms in space, then "Velvet" more likely has the four us playing in a smoky lounge with soft pink lighting, dark vines creeping in around us, and plush furniture of an otherworldly material." Take a listen below...

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