Friday 9 June 2017

WATCH: Parekh & Singh - 'Ghost'

It's difficult to not instantly fall for Parekh & Singh when you see one of their music videos or press shots, they're usually dressed to impressed and their tunes are pretty great too. They're from Kolkata in India, and have recently been on a little tour in the UK including shows at The Great Escape and Dot to Dot, earning them a positive review from Baeble Music who caught their set at TGE and wrote that the band "are what you wish was playing in every coffeeshop you've ever sat in." They've recently released the cinematic video for the track Ghost, which has a real focus on narrative and paints a beautiful picture of India along the way as the pair play against beautiful backdrops.

Check out the band's other music videos, including I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll, on Youtube here!

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