Friday 30 June 2017

LISTEN: James Walker - 'Next To Me'

I'm heading down to London soon to meet up with a friend and go and catch The Maccabees play the penultimate show of their farewell tour... lots of excitement and a fairly distracted mind but I'm using up my last minutes at home checking out one of so many brilliant new releases today (I'll certainly be posting about the new Catgod track I'm Innocent soon, love them cool cats.) 

This track comes from Oxfordshire soloist James Walker, who I met through his work playing keys with Adam Barnes a couple of years ago, and who contributed to my dissertation back in December with an interview about Sofar Sounds and house shows. The new track Next To Me is the first release since James' brilliant Modern Medicine EP last year and is taken from his upcoming debut album, English Bones, due out in November which I can't wait to hear more of. Writing about the track online, James wrote that it is a song "about being with someone out of habit, rather than out of love. How it feels to be so intimate with someone that you feel detached from. It's the feeling of slipping away when you're holding onto them at night, of going for dinner and having nothing to say to each other." Get listening below!

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