Friday 9 June 2017

LISTEN: Richard Walters - 'Starlight'

I moved out of Oxford two weeks ago today and one of the things I miss most already is the beautiful local music scene, including singer-songwriter and all round lovely chap, Richard Walters, who has today released a new track, Starlight. I was introduced to Richard's music through his band Liu Bei and a solo set he played for Sofar Sounds Oxford a couple of years ago, and I've grown really fond of his beautiful vocals, and adore the record AM which he released last year. This standalone single was produced and mixed by Patrick J. Pearson (aka San Felu) and surrounds the fragile lyric "I need more time", with the track focusing upon the fragility of life. 

Writing about the track, Richard explains that “2016 was a strange year...I became a father in the spring, which was (and continues to be) an incredible, life-affirming experience. Then, towards the end of the year, I sadly lost a close friend to it felt like 2016 was bookended by these events, one utterly amazing and the other utterly heartbreaking, but both leaving me with an enormous, newfound respect for life and time. ‘Starlight’ is, I suppose, about that sense of nostalgia I felt at those two points, looking back but with one eye on the future."

Check out more tunes from Richard on his Soundcloud here, including a cover of Young Folks that I'm particularly partial to!

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