Tuesday 14 February 2017

WATCH: Dawes release video for 'Roll With The Punches' (and a new live record!)

Crikey. You wait for some new Dawes content and they deliver twofold on Valentine's Day with a new music video for the absolute tune Roll With The Punches and a new live record We're All Gonna Live to stream on Apple Music, Spotify etc. The record features recordings from their current An Evening With Dawes tour in America, where they're playing two sets each night, firstly with tracks from their latest studio record We're All Gonna Die, followed by a set of fan favourites (and with four other records, there's a lot to choose from.) You can listen on Spotify below... holding out for a physical release!

While I went to a seminar and tried to get over the excitement of the new live record, the band went and blew my mind by releasing their latest music video for what is possibly my favourite track from the latest record, Roll With The Punches. My favourite lyric of the track is "how dying love manifests, in a rug or a chest" and in an interview with the band Taylor discussed wanting to write a song about separation that focused on these smaller things, rather than the grand gestures of saying goodbye. In the video Taylor splits on screen with his real life girlfriend Mandy Moore, and a bunch of burly men proceed to split household items in half - most hard-hitting is probably the guitar and teddy bear! Get watching...

Here's hoping the An Evening With Dawes tour makes it to the UK eventually!

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