Wednesday 1 February 2017

LISTEN: Josh Savage - 'Whisper In The Snow' (feat. Alice Pearl)

For my dissertation (which is due in less than 8 weeks... nobody panic!) I'm looking into why people attend gigs, comparing the motivations of those attending a 'proper' gig with a Sofar Sounds show, concluding on ways to get more people into live music (quite a big ask!) In my opinion, the whole Sofar package is something really special, bringing together a bunch of strangers into a unique environment, usually somewhere where you wouldn't normally encounter live music, and giving them an evening of acoustic music from artists of various genres and backgrounds, and offering artists a truly attentive audience.

Few people represent the success of Sofar Sounds quite as much as Josh Savage, who I had the pleasure of meeting when he played at our Oxford Sofar on Friday evening (read about the show here.) Josh set up the Winchester branch of the shows, and played his fiftieth Sofar on Saturday evening in Birmingham - the most that anybody has played, which is quite the accolade! Alongside living room shows, Sofar has enabled Josh to tour much further afield than the UK, in places such as the United States and Europe, where his current tour is taking him over the next couple of months. Years ago it would've been crazy to conceive that somebody without the backing of a major label could be touring as much as Josh, let alone somebody without 'management, publishing or record support to speak of', but things like Sofar make it possible - although of course it's massively down to Josh's talent too! Things are starting to look pretty exciting, as on Saturday Josh received his first play on BBC Radio 2, with Jo Whiley playing the new single Whisper In The Snow. The track, much like the name suggests, is a really delicate duet with Alice Pearl, and I'm loving the session video below with Susie Blankfield on cello.

If you dig the track, be sure to check out the live remix version and download the studio track on iTunes or stream on Spotify! If you want to find out more about Josh's living room shows, check out  the The Living Room Tour documentary, and finally, if you want to be kept up to date about upcoming shows, join the mailing list!

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