Tuesday 19 April 2016

WATCH: Moulettes 'Behemooth' for Sofar Sounds

Very excited about this one, a video of Moulettes playing their track Behemoth at Oxford Sofar Sounds (more info here) last month has just premiered on Youtube. I'm a big fan of string instruments and harmonies, so the performance is pretty superb, in my opinion, and was great on the night (read my write-up of the show, where we also had Benedict Benjamin and others performing, here.) The guys from Sofar have done a great job on the edit for the video, and I couldn't help but rewatch it a few times...

If you live in Oxford (or nearby) and you haven't heard already, or you're just discovering Moulettes now... they're touring soon, starting on Thursday, and play The Cellar on this Friday, 22nd April, for Tigmus. Tickets for that show are available here.

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