Tuesday 19 April 2016

LISTEN: Zurich 'Small Wars' EP

Last night saw the first of a few shows this week, running the door for local guys Zurich (previously The Scholars) at The Library. The band are 'an English rock band from Oxford who play widescreen post-punk rock with a nod to the darker side of 80s electronic pop', and to prepare for the show, I dug up the internet for some of their music and found the Small Wars EP, which they were selling at the show last night, and was released towards the end of last year. It's some seriously catchy stuff, and I'm really enjoying it - and loved the band's set last night. It's a shame that the gig, being on a Monday night, didn't pull much of a crowd, but those that were there really enjoyed it. Particularly like Nick's (of Oxgigbot Twitter fame..) comment that it was less like a gig and more like we were privileged to be watching one of the band's rehearsal! A fun night anyway - and the band were lovely guys too! Take a listen to the EP below...

The band are on tour for the rest of April as well as a couple of festival appearances at the beginning of May. Dates, and information on purchasing the above EP, on their site here.

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