Thursday 17 March 2016

WATCH: Lucy Rose 'Nebraska' and King Charles 'Lady Of The River'

The Easter break is looming, and after a group presentation task tomorrow, I've got a little break from assignments (who am I kidding? They're always lurking around the corner...) Over the last few days I went to London a couple of times, first for the DICE Girls Music Day event on Saturday, with several women discussing their careers so far within the industry, and second for the last night of Letter's Live (Jude Law, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Berry & co reading letters, and a couple of pretty special performances from Benjamin Clementine), and I ran a Tigmus gig at The Bullingdon in Oxford a few nights ago, making a wonderful discovery in the duo Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro, who are touring to promote a live album they recorded together, a perfect blues-y Sunday evening! A busy few days so I'm surprised I've managed to squeeze some essay writing in - but amongst all that, a couple of new videos dropped which I'm pretty excited about and wanted to share. 

The first was for Lucy Rose's track Nebraska, and rather impressively, as Lucy wrote on her Facebook post 'Every single person who worked on this did it for free to try and make something beautiful that tells an important story.' The focus is, of course, Danny Dyer, an unexpected collaboration but a beautiful piece of work promoting freedom of expression and the breaking down of stereotypes - take a watch. 

The second new video was premiered yesterday, for King Charles' track Lady Of The River, taken from his January released record. Charles first premiered tracks from the record on a tour last February, and I was shocked to hear this track live. Having toured across America with his Mumford pals a few years previous, there are various videos on Youtube of Charles and the guys performing the track with the other support bands, so to hear it live and discover it would be on the album was exciting. Particularly fun too was seeing Charles perform it live with Marcus Mumford when he played alongside Charles' band at his Bush Hall gig last July. I'm so chuffed that the track has a video to accompany it as a single and that more people will get to hear the track - take a look at the video below! 

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