Tuesday 22 March 2016

WATCH: Benedict Benjamin - 'I Wish Your Lies Were Better'

At the risk of becoming a Sofar Sounds Oxford alumni fan-page (though it's testament to the fact that many of my great musical discoveries since being at university have been through helping out at Sofar), here's the new video from Benedict Benjamin for his track I Wish Your Lies Were Better, taken from his debut record Night Songs.

The record is due to be released through Sugarcoat Records later this week (25th) - I was lucky enough to buy the first copy directly from Benedict after his set at our recent Sofar show (post about the night here). At the Sofar show I was struck by the careful, controlled nature of his vocals, holding the whole audience in silence, and this certainly comes across on the record. I don't regularly compare artists but I'd say the record should appeal to fans of the likes of Fleet Foxes, though the style is pretty fresh. The above track is one of my highlights of the record among others including Thin Skin, Move On Those Tired Feet and Coward, though having listened to it 2 or 3 times in a row initially, and several times since, I can confidently write that the whole record is a beautiful debut and totally worth your time (and money!)

You can pre-order the record, Night Songs, which is released this Friday (25th March) through the Bandcamp page here, and grab tickets for Benedict's show in the intimate confines of London's The Islington on 30th March here.

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