Tuesday 26 April 2022

WATCH: Sunflower Thieves - 'Grown Out Of You'

Am I back? Maybe. Sort of. I had a week off work last week, went to York for a few days and tried to actually take some time away from the blog. I've been pretty slack with is all lately anyway, but it was nice to try my best to avoid it for a few days. I came back to an inbox overflowing with brilliant new music which I'm keen to share - firstly this gorgeous offering from Sunflower Thieves, who just shared their Someone To Be There For EP. 

They're an ethereal duo who create music that I think it's sort of impossible not to like... and this EP is a beautiful collection of tracks. New single Grown Out Of You is an all too relatable (almost painfully so) track which explores the feeling of returning home and seeing that your childhood friends have moved on with their lives, in a different direction to yourself, and being happy for them from a distance. I hear that. 

On the track, the duo add "you forget life goes on while you're away but when you come back expecting things to have remained, it's bittersweet but also easy to accept that things have changed and that you've grown apart from those you once knew so well."

Crossing my fingers to get to the London Memorial show to see Sunflower Thieves opening alongside Elanor Moss - they're touring the UK with Lewis Watson at the moment too (Oxford, Notts, Bristol, London and Birmingham this week.) 

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