Thursday 16 January 2020

WATCH: Wilsen - 'Feeling Fancy'

Late night submission inbox trawling led me to this brilliant new track from Wilsen. The Brooklyn-based trio release their upcoming album Ruiner via Dalliance Recordings on 21st February. Feeling Fancy is the second single to be taken from the record, and while they frankly had me at the use of a green screen in the video (easily pleased) I'm actually finding the lyrical content of the track is really resonating with me.

Vocalist Tamsin Wilson describes it as "a song for the soft-spoken [...] quietness can be mistaken for insecurity while it's often the opposite - it's being comfortably in your own presence without needing to be heard at every moment." About the album more generally, she adds that "making this record was somewhat of a coming of age process [...] we're getting older and becoming more deliberate, less precious, less measured. Overthinking less and trusting instincts more."

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