Monday 15 July 2019

LISTEN: Dizzy - 'Heavy'

"isn't it endearing, wearing all these problems on my sleeve?"

On Friday Dizzy released the Heavy / Twist EP, featuring recent single Twist, brand new track Heavy and remixes from Cecile Believe and Mystery Jets. In the bands own words, the two tracks form a middle ground between their debut album Baby Teeth and the next - "we're going away to write a record now. see you on the other side of it". I'm really enjoying the new track and absolutely can't wait to hear what they do next - I've come to really adore their debut, playing it in the HMV store I worked at tons and getting various colleagues to fall for the band too. Katie Munshaw is one of my favourite vocalists around at the moment, for sure.

If you like the track, there's a recent session performance that the band did with CBC Music in Canada below - equally gorgeous!

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