Tuesday 23 July 2019

LISTEN: Youth Sector - 'Renting Spaces In My World'

I get a lot (seriously... lots) of submissions from artists and their PR folks with tracks to write about on the blog. Unfortunately as this is a spare time pursuit there is never enough time to write about everything that I'm enjoying, but sometimes a track is too good not to share, and I was just reminded of this one from Brighton's Youth Sector while tidying my inbox.

Musically, the combination of 80s-style synths and the almost abrasive guitar and bass lines make for a ready-made indie anthem for the band who have already received support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music as well as support slots with Goat Girl and King Nun. Talking about the track, the band explain that it is "about someone struggling to get to grips with reality. The lyrics tell the story of someone who, in their own grandiose delusion believes they own the whole world and all other people are like paying customers, renting the opportunity to exist within it." You know somebody like that, right?

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