Monday 4 February 2019

WATCH: Emilie Kahn - 'Will You?'

"Will you take care of me when I'm dying? Drown in my salt water when I'm crying?"

Here's something a little unique for your Monday morning... with a harp! Who doesn't love a harp?! Montreal's Emilie Kahn is back with new single Will You?, the second to be taken from her upcoming album Outro, due for release via Secret City Records on February 22nd. The record is the follow up to her debut album 10 000, which was released under the moniker Emilie & Ogden in 2015 - "a record of folk-inspired indie ballads soaked in the pains of youth." 

Her debut gained Emilie widespread acclaim as she explored her talents as a songwriter, going on to perform headline shows around the world, at festivals, and supporting the likes of fellow Canadians (and one of my favourite bands) Half Moon Run on tour. Fast forward to 2019 and she's back, but not quite as you've come to expect. Perhaps indicating a new found confidence since (and owing to) the debut record, she's dropped the moniker and is leaving behind any sense of impersonation - while the first record felt youthful, this upcoming follow-up is "teeming with adulthood's melancholy [...] a record that stings as much as it soothes." If this track and recent single Island are anything to go by - it's going to be a pretty superb record. 

Check out the video for Will You? below, directed by Aaliyeh Afshar and Max Taeushel, who explain that they "wanted to highlight Emilie's performance while exploring the dark but tender feeling of the song [...] playing with the mirror, blinds and faux walls, we wanted to delve into the liminal divide between life and death in a physical way."

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