Monday 18 February 2019

LISTEN: BE GOOD - 'Moving Staircase'

Firstly I wanted to say a big thank you to everybody who's read my previous post on my current situation, losing my job at HMV and campaigning to get our store re-opened. All the support I received off the back of that was incredible - it very quickly became my second most viewed post on the blog, and meant I had the most views I've ever had in a day by quite a margin. Pretty crazy. We've since been interviewed for our local BBC News programme (which was terrifying) and set up a petition that has reached 1000 signatures in a few days among all sorts of other brilliant things including a really sweet share from my faves Public Service Broadcasting. It's all rather overwhelming but we're crossing our fingers!

Here's a bit of brilliant news within all of the craziness - Oxford's BE GOOD are back! I've loved these guys since they released Not Waking Up, and It's Cool But It Ain't You was one of my absolute favourite releases of 2017. They're by far one of my favourite bands in Oxford, flying the flag for what is an absolutely glorious music scene that I miss terribly.

The band deliver another slice of indie pop goodness with Ash Cooke's lead vocals as dreamy as ever.  In a piece in DIY mag, Ash details that the song is "in some way about acceptance [...] It's exploring a feeling that I was having that it was okay to not be the only person in someone's life, as long as I could feel like I was the most important one. It was an attempt at stoicism that was inevitably laced with typical human selfishness." Get listening!

If you're on Spotify - the track is featuring on the 2019: cool music and things playlist there which you should most certainly follow for my favourite tracks through the year!

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