Monday 17 September 2018

LISTEN: Cosmo Sheldrake - 'Run Rings Right Wrongs'

It's been almost a year since I caught Cosmo Sheldrake live, supporting the legend that is Johnny Flynn. I instantly fell in love with his music, which is utterly magical and usually more than a little bit bonkers. His debut record The Much Much How How & I, released earlier in the year, is one of my favourite debut records in a long time. He's back with a new single, called Run Rings Right Wrongs, in which he samples "a Bulgarian man I met on a mountainside wearing a green shell suit clapping ... and the sound of some mead that my brother Merlin and I were making bubbling away in a demijohn among many other things!" 

This is just one of many examples of Cosmo's talent for seeking out and recording peculiar sounds, often from the most unexpected of places. Written down, they often sound as if they shouldn't work in a song - yet they blend to create a unique sound which I adore. It is like nothing I have heard before, which I love.

Cosmo was one of the best live acts I saw in 2017 - his style of introducing some of the samples he uses to the audience was completely endearing, and helped to deconstruct the tracks, before seeing them come to life before us. He's touring across Europe and the UK over the next few months, with a show at EartH (Hackney Arts Centre) on 29th November - check out all of the live dates here.

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