Monday 23 July 2018

WATCH: Parcels - 'Bemyself' (Live in New York)

Australia's Parcels are back! Having already showcased their skills in creating indie hits with Overnight (a track which they worked on with Daft Punk, no less) and tieduprightnow this new single shows them in a new light. The track is a slower one, and all the better for it, exposing every vocal, lyric and musical note - it's a bit of a stunner. You can check out the studio recording here, but there's also a session video (on a roof in New York) below - they recorded tieduprightnow in the same session here (check out those riffs and bass lines... mmmmm.)

Like what you're hearing?! Parcels tour Europe later this year, including some UK shows in November. Check out the full list of dates here!

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