Tuesday 12 June 2018

LISTEN: Premium Leisure - 'Plug The Leads In' EP

It's no great secret that Willie J Healey is one of the best musical exports from Oxford of recent years, and I'm really excited to see that his guitarist Chris Barker has a new band Premium Leisure. With the band (for performances, at least) comprising of the total dream team of Willie J, WJH drummer Mike Monaghan and BE GOOD frontman Ash Cooke there's no surprises that the brand new EP, Plug The Leads In, is a wonderful collection of tunes.

While incredibly fresh, the use of analogue recording techniques and vintage equipment in Chris's Oxfordshire home studio give the EP a fairly tangible 60s psychedelic rock vibe. Opening with the below single Water Pistol, you instantly know that you're onto a good one, but the highlight for me is second track Gold Tunes - check out that instrumental section two minutes into the tune...

Listen to the whole EP on Spotify here. It's being released through Oxford tape label (that's a thing in 2018 - how exciting?!) and you can grab a copy here, or at The Library in Oxford where the band are playing a three show residency, with gigs coming up on the 14th and 21st of June - head to the event for more info here.

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