Friday 29 June 2018

WATCH: Evergreen - 'Comme Si'

One of my favourite gig memories is back in 2012, when I saw King Charles playing live for the first time. For the encore, his cover of We Didn't Start The Fire, he pulled me up onto the stage alongside the support acts Giovanna and We Were Evergreen and (though slightly terrifying) it's stayed with me as a really special early gig memory. I loved catching We Were Evergreen a couple of years later in the same venue in Cambridge, on the launch tour for their debut record Towards, which I still adore a few years later. A couple of weeks back, the band returned with Overseas, their second record, under the new band name, Evergreen

As the name suggests, they're a trio in full bloom with the release of this record - it's quickly becoming one of my favourite albums of the year so far alongside the likes of Rae Morris, The Magic Gang, Boy Azooga and Superorganism (I'm planning a post on my albums of the year so far if I get time, keep an eye out for that!) It's a collection of songs that flit successfully between vocals in English and the band's first language French and make use of various synths and electronics, a glorious step forward from the first record. For me, highlights include Gemini (pretty relatable as I am one!), Bloom and the incredibly relevant The Foreigner - but as a whole, the record is incredibly strong. If you're new to the band, single Comme Si is a pretty good place to start, and they've recently shared a brilliant (and colourful) video for the track which you can watch below - their music videos have always been a joy to watch!

Check out Overseas by Evergreen on Spotify here.

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