Wednesday 30 May 2018

WATCH: Rhys Lewis - 'No Right To Love You'

Rhys Lewis has shared a new acoustic tune, entitled No Right To Love You, and it's pretty darn flawless. A quick listen makes it pretty clear just how personal this track is to Rhys - an extension of his recent (and beautiful) Bad Timing EP, the lyrics across all of these tunes show him to be an artist who isn't afraid of wearing his heart on his sleeve musically. His voice is just as captivating as the lyrics, and the acoustic performance below is completely flawless.

Writing of the tune, Rhys explains that "this song is about a really difficult break-up and I would say it's definitely the most personal song I've ever written [...] I knew that it was for the best, but you can't just turn off your feelings for someone overnight. It was so difficult for me I had to actually leave London because everything around me reminded me of her. I went to stay with a friend and that's when I wrong the song. I hope the song does justice to how I felt waking up and living that first day apart from her, it's a painful process whatever side of the break-up you're on." 

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