Thursday 31 May 2018

LISTEN: Charlie Fink - 'Anywhere / My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm'

Coinciding with the release of the first two Noah & The Whale records on vinyl for the first time a couple of weeks back (hooray!) frontman Charlie Fink has released a double A-side single. Anywhere is an upbeat reworking of the acoustic number Anywhere You're Going Is On My Way from his musical theatre show Cover My Tracks (a show with him performing tracks from the album of the same name) of last year. Writing on Anywhere, Fink explains that "I had written and recorded the album before we started rehearsals and as the show evolved, so did this song". It's folk origins have been re-imagined and replaced with electronic beats and synth lines in an 80s style.

Second tune My Heartbeat Lost Its Rhythm was previously shared online but never officially as a single - I adore this one and I'm glad that it's finally seen the light of day! Here's hoping that there's more where these two tracks came from...

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