Wednesday 2 May 2018

WATCH: Peace - 'You Don't Walk Away From Love'

With their third studio album Kindness Is The New Rock and Roll due for release in a couple of days, Peace have shared the video for their recent single You Don't Walk Away From Love - shot in a single take, it's a bit of a film nerd's dream, and it helps that the song is pretty great too!

Premiering the video on the NME website, frontman Harrison Koisser describes it as a "classy and expensive video for a deep and meaningful song [...] it reminds me that outside of the grit, spit & uglier bits, there is still some good left in this world" with the video's director Jonnie Craig adding that "we wanted to work with the effects of colour on people and their emotions, to kind of visualise what it feels like to be in love. Shooting on film is the only way. We grew up with imagery shot on film, so all of our photographic based memories live in that rich grain colour spectrum. I think it strikes a chord with people that digital never could." 

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