Wednesday 4 April 2018

LISTEN: Thandii - 'Alkaline'

I always feel a little guilty for listening to far fewer female artists than I do male, both in terms of solo musicians and bands. I used to feel like I just preferred listening to music created by men, but think that it is more likely that male artists dominate the genres that I listen to. It's not really clear to me if that is in any way statistically true, or a reflection of the backing given to male artists over their female counterparts in terms of promotion. Considering all of this, and a desire to listen to more female artists, it is always incredibly refreshing to find a female artist creating music that I enjoy.

A perfect example of this is recent record Someone Out There from Rae Morris - upon a couple of listens it quickly became my favourite release of the year so far, and one that I've barely stopped talking about to anyone who will listen. The latest example is the new tune from Margate's dreamy vocalist Thandii, who has shared Alkaline, the second track from her upcoming EP.

The track is slower than it's Summer-y predecessor Another One, emerging from a dreamscape of 70s tunes, combining retro sounds with Thandii's calm, soothing vocals. Writing of the tune, she explains that "lyrically, I was thinking about the push and pull of a volatile relationship and how that could relate to the physical and chemical world. At the time I was in an acid relationship and trying to keep it more neutral. Hence alkaline [...] Musically things get more and more cosmic and spacy towards the end and lyrically I end up trying to cut and run from the relationship, but still end up unresolved, going in circles [...] I wanted it to feel like a cycle you can get lost in, with seemly no resolution."

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