Tuesday 10 April 2018


Another week, another exciting interview! Caught up with my pals in Catgod to chat about their stunning new tune Heartbeat In My Hand and their plans for the rest of the year. They headline The Islington in London this Friday and Oxford's The Cellar on 23rd June - I implore you to get along to a show if you can, they're a very talented bunch and always put on a fun live show!

(c) Milly Cope

First up, who are Catgod and how would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t discovered your music yet? 

We find it hard to describe our sound, probably because we’ve been experimenting with lots of musical styles over the past year, and finding ours in the process. We think the newest single is closest to it. We’ve definitely been influenced by legends like John Martyn and Bob Dylan and have morphed this into an ambient folk/indie sound with an edge. We hope it sounds like going to a calm familiar place in your mind and having new thoughts about who and what you are - which can be scary and dark at times. 

The band centres around the vocal harmonies of brother and sister duo Robin and Cat (I miss you guys!!) - when did you first start to sing together? 

(We miss you lots toooooo!!) A year and a bit ago Cat moved back to Oxford from London. We’d been quite detached because she’d been there for years. We started singing together to help her through a difficult time when she moved home - it felt like something positive to focus on. I’ve always been focused on music and this new relationship/connection combined in a beautiful way. 

You’ve got a new tune called Heartbeat in Your Hand coming out this week. What is the track about and how did the process of writing and recording this tune vary to others you’ve released in the past?

It started off as a love song I sent my girlfriend Iman for her birthday. The idea for which started when I noticed a pulse in my hand whilst I was running. I’d been thinking of how I can forget or take for granted the good things in life and sometimes the people close to me; and how I couldn't do without them. It marks the first single Cat is singing the lead vocals for as well as the new addition of pianist Patrick Bolton to the band. 

To celebrate the release of the track you’ve got a show coming up at London’s The Islington on 13th April and Oxford’s The Cellar on 23rd June. What can fans expect from the shows?

You can expect some impassioned air grabs and emotional, ethereal vibes. 

Talking of live shows - which of your tracks are your favourites to play live? Why? 

We enjoy playing Someone Love from our last EP - I particularly enjoy dancing with my flute. We also enjoy playing I’m Innocent which has some funky Egyptian tabla and Talking Heads-esque vocals.

Beyond these two shows, what are your plans for the Summer - any exciting festival slots lined up?

There are a few coming up. We’re very excited about playing Cornbury

You’re pretty well integrated into the music scene in Oxford with Robin regularly producing for local acts. Who are you favourite local artists at the minute? 

Premium Leisure - with our moonlighting guitarist Chris Barker. Le Feye - with another moonlighting drummer Caspar Miles - not that we’re bias! + of course Self Help! Soooo many more. Makes us feel very passionate about the Oxford scene. 

On that note and finally - what’s in your headphones at the moment? 

Oxford band Death of the Maiden’s new single Soldier, and our fab cousin Poppy Ajudha's new EP Femme.

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