Wednesday 14 February 2018

WATCH: Gengahr - 'Before Sunrise'

I've rambled a little in the past about how brilliant the people of Transgressive Records and the artists that they work with are (the likes of Foals, Johnny Flynn and Cosmo Sheldrake) and this band are no exception to that rule. Gengahr supported fellow Transgressive band Dry The River on the first show I went to upon moving to Oxford for uni in 2014 (alongside Pale Seas - what a line-up) so they hold a pretty special place in my heart, as the gig was the first I'd gone along to by myself. They released their debut album A Dream Outside back in 2015 and have recently announced it's follow-up, Where Wildness Grows, which is due for release on 9th March.

With tunes Carrion and Mallory under their belts, the London four-piece recently released the pretty magical and almost glimmering tune Before Sunrise which I totally adore. It's a really promising sign of an album that I'm pretty excited for. They've just shared the video for the track, shot by Jamie Whitby over two days in Casablanca, Morocco. Writing of the video the band note that "when [Jamie] first told us about this teenage moped gang 'The Anfa Riders' in Morocco, we knew they would be the perfect visual accompaniment to the track. Watching the footage on his return we were blown away by the joyful sense of adventure the riders possess - it's a beautifully shot piece that perfectly captures the essence of the song." I couldn't agree more!

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