Monday 23 October 2017

WATCH: Evergreen are back with 'Aux Echos'

Friday was a very very good day for new tunes, especially because one of my favourite bands We Were Evergreen (who are now, if a little confusingly, just going by the name Evergreen) are BACK! New tune Aux Echos is their first in quite a while, following up the brilliant 2014 debut album Towards. While I won't pretend to understand the lyrics as they're in the band's beautiful native French I am absolutely digging the tune, which is giving me some pretty strong Arcade Fire vibes - never a bad thing! With past tracks like DaughtersLeeway and False Start the band set quite a high standard of music video and this totally meets that, matching the quality of the tune! Get watching and listening, and keep your eyes on the band's socials for news on more new tunes and their second album!

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